Pop Art Seating Area from Ronald Koop 1973s

Pop Art Seating Area from Ronald Koop 1973s

Sensational seating landscape of Ronald Koop Germany. The design was awarded in England in 1975 with a design award. From first owner and 1973 bought in Berlin. Very rare and perhaps the last of its kind in the world. Material: foam covered with fabric on wooden plate. Color: seat elements apple green. Balls frog green. There are a total of 40 seating elements and 9 round balls. Several metal hooks connect the seating elements. Seating elements and balls were clad with a sturdy fabric. Top condition and ready to use.

Designer Ronald Koop
Producer W. Fronhöfer Berlin
Condition Very good condition
Material Fabric Foam Material Wood
Measures 350 x 27 x 300 cm (B x H x T)
Price Price on request
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